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Unique gift ideas for the cook

With Mother's Day around the corner, are you at a complete loss for an idea for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Yes, Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May, and with a little planning you can find a gift for mom that can be a help for her in the kitchen. Along with the Mother's day flowers and Mother's Day card, why not order a unique gift idea that she would use and appreciate all year long? Perhaps you are wondering what to buy your mother for her birthday? Your search will definitely end at Cruets.com.

We have numerous gourmet gift items and imported condiments that have won gourmet awards at fancy food shows and exhibitions. One great gift idea is the specialty hand blown glass, oil and vinegar cruet. As dual cruets for olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar, our glass-within-glass cruets offer an innovative way to store both oil and vinegar in the same decanter. Each oil and vinegar cruet is a vessel within a vessel, and has two spouts, one to pour olive oil and the other to serve vinegar. The grape cluster cruet is by far our most popular design, one easy to add to any kitchen décor. These items are custom made in Europe by glass master artisans, from durable technical grade glass, perfect for cooking and food serving.

Another gift idea we offer will free your mother from toiling in the kitchen to make a simple mashed potatoes dish. Instead of mom working diligently with a wire potato masher to achieve the smooth consistency devoid of any lumps, you can give her our new Ergonomic potato masher that is easy on her hands and wrist. The ergonomic potato masher is truly a unique gourmet gift. Garlic mashed potatoes will take on a new meaning in mom's kitchen, with half the effort to make them. Ergonomically designed, this potato masher is easily the best Mother's day or birthday gift idea you will find that is both practical and useful. Buy it for her as a thank you for all her efforts.

This potato masher requires only half the energy as compared to conventional mashers. It has a rotating mechanism that will mash potatoes easily and without much effort. This new technique ensures a consistent paste of mashed potatoes and hence a flawlessly delicious dish. Mom's work will go effortlessly with this latest kitchen product.

This simple and inexpensive culinary tool is made from food grade plastic and is safe for the dishwasher. Wish your mother or wife a very happy birthday, or Happy Mother's Day, with unique gift ideas from www.cruets.com You can purchase online, and send by mail, these unique gifts are sure to acquire a place of pride in any gourmet kitchen. .

By: Dan F.

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