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Theme Party Ideas for Children

Whenever you and other adults hold a party, you go through roughly the same routine: you fix dinner, you brighten up the place with simple decorations and you give away party favors that they can use and cherish for a long time. These events are formal, simple and with few or no horseplay at all. Yet, everyone goes home contented and happy. You can't say the same for children's parties. When kids are the ones who will be celebrating at the party, there's tons of laughter, simple and sweet eats and lots of games, playing and frolicking around.

Children won't be satisfied until they get their fill of these fun activities. They also won't like it if the party's too simple. That's why many parents today think of fun themes to make their children's party time a lot more enjoyable. There are hundreds of children's theme parties today that are used by parents, ranging from simple ones to extravagant kinds.

Some are based on popular cartoons, such as Teletubbies, Blues Clues, Looney Tunes and Disney cartoons. Others are derived from toys, such as Bratz parties and teddy bear parties. There are also children's parties that are based on adventures that kids love, such as kiddie pirate themes, outer space and circus themes. Choosing a theme for a children's party bash depends on several factors.

For one, the gender and preference of the child matters. You can't very well have a Barbie theme for your little boy's party, can you? The child's age is also important. Young kids, such as those in their toddler years, would be satisfied with younger themes, such as Rugrats and Sesame Street themes, while those who are older would prefer Inuyasha or Teenage Mutant Turtles themes. The season and holiday also matters.

For example, kids' parties with an Easter theme can only be held at Easter, while children's Halloween parties are only sensible during the Halloween season, at the end of October or the start of November. Whatever the type of children's theme party you prepare, you have several important details that you need to focus on. The Party Invitations. Incorporating your theme in the party invitations is a must. Not only will it make the invite very eye-pleasing for the receivers, but it will also entice them to join in the party fun. Imagine if your child's guests receive blank, drab-looking invitations.

They'll most likely ignore it or throw it away. The invitation can also provide your guests with important information regarding the party, such as whether they need to come in costume or if they need to bring any important materials. The Costumes. A party theme without the right costumes would seem boring and inappropriate, which is why your child should be properly dressed to fit the theme. If it's a princess party, dress her up in the most stunning gown that you can find. You should also try to have the guests stick to a dress code.

If it's too cumbersome, then provide them with simple makeshift costumes, such as tiaras and crowns. The Party Venue and Decorations. To create the feel of your chosen theme, you must be able to choose and decorate the venue properly. You don't have to spend too much: just enough to make the children get involved in the party environment.

By doing this, your child and the guests will feel as if they're really moving in the imaginary world that you have created. For example, a Backyardigans party theme or a farm animal theme would be better held outdoors, where kids can move freely about. The Food. Children are not picky with their food, but you should serve them snacks that are familiar to them, otherwise they won't eat them. You should also incorporate the theme into the food.

Be as creative as you can. For example, to create an alien feel for a space theme children's party, serve cupcakes that have gooey and sticky neon green frosting on top. The Loot Bags.

Children anticipate the loot bags that you give out after the party, which is why you should provide them with goodies that can help them remember the wonderful time they had at the party. If you had a Barbie party, put Barbie products and sweets in the party bags. If it's a sports theme, an inflatable plastic football or basketball could be inside. The perfect party for your little one is just within your reach, as long as you know what theme to use and how to properly organize it.

Try to think of more creative themes for your kid's party. You can be assured that they will thank you for the wonderful and magical day that you have prepared for them.

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