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Some Instructions On How To Use Your Espresso Machine

The word espresso literally means an extraction of coffee using high pressure from a special espresso machine. But you may need some special espresso machine instructions if your machine is different from some of the other types of machines are available, but basically to make an espresso is much the same no matter what machine you use. Below are some hopefully foolproof instructions, which will help you to make the ideal espresso. 1. It is important that you have a good quality machine.

If you can purchase one that comes with a built in grinder (as the finest ground beans make the best coffee). 2. Get some cold clear water and pour this into the machines water tank. Then make sure that the boilers cap is secure.

For one shot of espresso use one ounce of coffee for a double shot use two ounces of coffee. Some machines will give as much as four shots in one go. 3.

Place the basket of coffee in the filter holder. If you want you can place a little pack in the ground coffee and the filter has a measure which will tell you the amount for the type of espresso you are preparing. 4. Brush off any grounds from the top and sides of the filter and then place the filter holder inside the machine. 5.

Place the glass carafe that comes with your machine under the spout and then turn the machine one. The machine will warm the water up to the correct temperature and then force it into the coffee grounds. This should take between 15 to 20 seconds and as the coffee starts to flow into the cup the foam starts forming on top. This foam is brown in color and is known as Crema but once this foam becomes white in color then the best tasting liquid is not flowing any longer and you should stop the machine now. 6.

Remove the cup immediately and your cup of espresso is now ready to drink. In order to get the best results from your espresso machine you should select beans that are specifically for making espressos. These can be found in many coffee specialty shops as well as your local grocery store.

If you want to get the best espressos then I suggest buying an espresso grinder, as this is efficient enough to produce a fine grind for making espressos with. Also use filtered or bottled spring water, as tap water is too hard. Hopefully by following these espresso machine instructions you will be able to produce that perfect shot of espresso that you always wanted.

For more information on choosing the best home espresso machines try visiting http://www.coffeebean101.com, a website that specializes in providing espresso tips, advice and resources.

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