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Mansanto Terminator Seeds and Its Critics

There are many critics of Monsanto Corporation and its genetically modified seeds. Yet in review we see that Monsanto's Terminator Seeds prevent corrupting the native naturally evolved seeds. This protects the modified seeds from messing up the native crops.So the Farmer's who condemn Monsanto do not need to buy them. They are free to do things their old way.

If however that old way cannot compete in the market place by volume or demand due to lower yields or quality of crop or are less desired by markets then the Indian Farmers will have to switch. Some farmers in India are said to have committed suicide due to Monsanto's Terminator Seeds. But, if they chose to kill themselves rather than to compete in free markets for those products that consumer freely choose then they in fact are making their own choice to check out of their life experience; that too is their choice.Secondly the expanding populations of the world will have to better utilize the land to feed the additional people on fewer acres with less water.

Monsanto solves many of the issues surrounding this crisis. Monsanto in spending the money to solve the world's food problems needs a Return on Investment to pay for their work to increase yields, make better crops and use less water. God did not create the improved modified genetic blends Monsanto did.Monsanto has solved the World's hunger issue even though those who cannot control their own breeding due to radical religious and cultural beliefs. They should be congratulated not chastised.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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