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How to Successfully Host the Cocktail Party of the Year

If the thought of planning and hosting a cocktail party frightens you, be assured that you are not alone. For many "would-be" entertainers, the hassle and expense many associate with hosting cocktail parties, is enough to make them eighty-six the whole idea. There are a few guidelines that can be followed that will make your event memorable, affordable, and most importantly, stress-free! Perhaps, the most important decision you will make in regards to your cocktail party is who to invite! The trick is to invite a wide array of guests. This means inviting guests in different age ranges, occupations and styles of life.

This will induce many interesting conversations within your mix of guests. After you have chosen an eclectic group, mail the invitations to them 2-3 weeks before the soirée. This would also be an excellent opportunity to cut costs by limiting the number of cocktails offered.

By including a space on the R.S.V.

P card for the guests to fill in their favorite concoction, you can tally the responses and choose 2, no more than 3 of the most popular cocktails. Some Home Entertaining experts suggest that you assign a base spirit for the guests to bring; that is not recommended by the experts at Unique Entertaining. Your guests are to be treated like royalty and asking them to bring a spirit to a party you have invited them to would be in bad taste. You can also decrease costs by having a 3 drink maximum for each guest and determine the amount of spirits needed based on that calculation.

This will also assist you in monitoring the alcohol intake of your guests. While planning the beverages to be served, remember to stock up on water, coffee and tea for those guests who are in attendance for the party and not the cocktails. Most of your guests will be partaking of the cocktails, so, it is vital that you have refreshments to line their bellies.

Finger foods and fruit/cheese trays are excellent and easy choices. The finger foods can be transformed into dainty and elegant foods by cutting the crusts off and arranging them in an artistic manner. You can decide on the menu and shop for the appropriate items the week before to have less to do as the party nears. Place a couple of trays of food around your mingling area with tons of candles and watch your living room become a virtual cocktail lounge! .

By: Candice Barrigher

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