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Fruits Savior Of Health

There are certain healthy foods that prevent mental, physical and sexual senility and prolong youthful vitality and appearance. The usefulness of some of the more important foods noted for such properties rendering good health are discussed here. Almond as a health food Known as the king of nuts, almond is a highly nutritious food.

It is rich in all essential elements needed by the body. Almonds are highly beneficial in preserving vitality of the brain, strengthening the muscles and prolonging life. It is an effective health building food both for the body and mind. Substances such as Copper, iron, phosphorous aand vitamin B1 present in almonds exert synergic action and help the formation of new blood cells.

They also play a major role in maintaining the smooth physiological funtions of the brain, nerves, bone, liver and the heart. Almond is a valuable health food for several common ailments, including anemia, constipation, skin disorders and respiratory diseases. The best way to consume almonds is to soak them in water and eat it after peeling or grinding in into a paste after peeling.

Another health food: Apple Apple is invaluable in the maintenance of good health and in the prevention and treatment of many ailments. This fruit is a highly nutritive food and contains minerals and vitamins in abundance. It has been found beneficial in the treatment of anemia, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery stomach disorders, headache, heart disease, high blood pressure, rheumatic afflictions, eye and dental disorders. The various chemicals present in apple such as vitamin B1, phosphorous and potassium help the synthesis of glutamic acid. This chemical substance controls the wear and tear of nerve cells. Eating an apple with honey and milk is very valuable in the nervous disorders like extreme tiredness, lack of concentration, lack of memory, mental irritability and mental depression.

It acts as a very effective nerve tonic and recharges the nerves with new energy and life. The apple is the best fruit to tone up weak and run down condition of the human system. It removes all deficiencies of vital organs and makes the body stout and strong. It tones up the body and the brain as it contains more phosphorous and iron than any other fruit or vegetable. Its regular consumption with milk promotes health and youthfulness and helps build healthy and bright skin. It has a calming and relaxing effect.

Kevin Pederson has been managing a number of natural home remedies websites which have information on home based natural cures and remedies and the importance of fruits such as apple and almond.

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