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Do we Know What to Eat and What not to Eat

We all love to eat; it only varies from person to person as to what they love to eat. Food is an essential element to survive, and it is also a delicacy to enjoy. So how do we balance the two? We should not forget the fact that our well being largely depends on the food that we consume; therefore extreme maturity should be shown while consuming your palate of delicacies. In today era, every person has become health conscious and tries his level best to have a balanced and healthy diet.

But, not all of us know what we eat! To lead a healthy life it is necessary to know the details about what you should eat and what you should avoid. In this article an effort has been made to give you information about the foods that we tend to consume in our day to day lives. Eggs: not many people will deny their love for this item. Can be hard boiled, poached, or made into a delectable cheese omelet.

But did you know that the healthiest way to consume eggs is to have them soft boiled, or even poaching them is advisable. Next to these you can scramble, hard boil, and lastly fried eggs. So next time you are having an egg, make sure it's fried only on special occasions! Sugar: the lemon tart, pineapple pudding, chocolates, ice creams and a lot of sweet items would not exist if there was no sugar. Sugar is invented by the human kind. Sugar forms about 19% of the calories that we consume.

It is a fact that refined sugar contains no vitamins or essential elements needed for a healthy life and it results in the dilution of our nutrient intake. So, the more sugar we consume the more we dilute healthy minerals like magnesium, folic acid, copper, zinc and many more. A lot of these are essential for good and healthy bones. So the next time you are consuming something sweet, do keep a watch on yourself. The motive is not to stop completely, But to moderate the sugar intake in the body.

White flour products should be completely avoided. Instead of it, insist on having whole wheat breads and bakes, they are not only healthy but are extremely rich in fiber, which is essential for a healthy metabolic system. So next time you pick up a pound of bread from the super market, make sure it a packet of brown and not white bread. We choose to use canned food for our convenience and fast cooking. But do you know that canned food generally have no nutrient left in them. A lot of chemicals are added to canned food to help to preserve them.

These are not good for the health. Always try to consume fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy and meat products. Red meat should be avoided. Instead of consuming red meat it is advisable to take poultry and sea food.

Sea food is best consumed steamed, poached or baked. Meat should never be consumed half cooked. Always take care of the cleaning and the cooking of meat products. Oil forms the basic medium of cooking all over the world. Oils are also essential for the brain and the nervous system of our body. But the ones available in the market have been so refined that they have lost all the nutritional value.

Good oil is one which is organic, cold pressed, and bottled in dark glass containers. These are just a few basic things that one should keep in mind about food. To add to this at least eight glasses of water should be consumed everyday, fried food should be best avoided, alcohol should also be limited if not completely given up, hydrogenated food products are a complete no- no and that includes margarine, fresh fruits and vegetables should be consumed freely , only wash them well before you eat.

Good eating habit combined with exercise and a healthy life style will always keep you going , even when you are old!.

Copyright 2006 - Ivar Rudi. Ivar suggests you find great market for less by shopping online today. For more information and resources about this subject check out: http://www.calorie-counter-guide.org and also http://www.weight-watcher.info

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