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Broad Beans And Its Wonders

It is inopportune that broad beans which is also know as fava beans, tic beans and field beans have not been given the credit its due in the United States, despite their exposure in various media and cookbooks. This plant serves a range of functions when it come to the way you can eat them or what dishes you can use them in, as is anticipated from such an astoundingly well-traveled plant, which is largely eaten and found in various types of dishes and cuisines in North Africa and southeast Asia. One delicious Greek recipe utilizes broad beans as the main ingredient. Koukia calls for broad beans, olive oil, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste and spring onions, as well as sugar, salt, pepper and dill to taste. The broad beans are cleaned and washed in water while the oil is heated and the onions are roasted in it. The beans and all of the other ingredients are added, along with a little water, and they are all cooked until the entire dish is soft.

This is a great dish to serve either on its own or with a side order of pita bread, which can bring out the complexity of the tastes that are involved. In spite of its different varieties, broad beans are normally consumed while they still young and tender, either fried or after having it steamed and soft. It also made a lot of sense when the Thai's named this bean, the "open-mouth nut", given the way it slits open when they are fried. If you're in a rush to get somewhere, adding some salt or spice over the beans will give you a great snack. If you have a special event coming up, you can serve them as the main course or as a side dish to enhance the flavors of the more weaker tasting foods. Perfect when eaten fresh, the beans are also an excellent way to complete a serving of food.

Having them with salty cheese or if you're into more solid types, like parmesan, this will give it a more continental style. Another tasty way of having them is by simply sprinkling a light layer of salt and pepper. The beans can also be stewed in a pot with butter and oil after their skin is removed by cooking them in water.

Seasoning the dish with herbs like parsley, mint, basil and thyme is a good way of mixing it up but it has to be done carefully as to not overpower the beans. Other than using broad beans in your diet as a source of protein, if you can find a way to utilize these delicious treats, it will become a very tasty addition on your dinner table!.

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