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A Taste of Greatness - Aureole - Restaurant Review
Vegetarian Times, by Akasha Richmond

One of the restaurants listed in Vegetarian New York City is Aureole, chef/restaurateur Charlie Palmer's flagship New York eatery, which has just been certified by the American Vegetarian Association (AVA) for its seasonal vegetarian tasting menu. For the past few years, Aureole has been offering a tasting menu that is 100 percent vegetarian. The restaurant recently decided to have an outside authority evaluate the menu. After inspecting the recipes, how the food is prepared and which pots and pans are used, the AVA found that Aureole strictly adheres to the AVA's standards and gave it a coveted "Highly Recommended" rating. Aureole's menus, which change monthly and seasonally, are posted at www.charliepalmer.com.

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